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In this post I’ll show you those skincare mistakes and how to fix them so that you can have more clear skin.

Phone bacteria

The first skincare mistake I didn’t realize I used to do and I bet a lot of people still do is not disinfecting your phone daily. Our phones hold so much nasty bacteria then you have no idea. We take them everywhere including the bathroom so imagine all the bacteria laying on your phone at this exact moment and then that bacteria transfer to your hands which goes to your hair when you touch it and then to your face when someone calls you. This little mistake can potentially cause you unnecessary breakouts. All you’re gonna do is to grab your hand sanitizer spray it on your phone every day and you’re good to go, or if you are picky like me and want a deeper cleaning use alcohol wipes these are gonna make sure your phone is so super super clean.

Using too many acne products

My next skincare mistake that it will cost you more acne is using too many acne products in your routine unless your doctor is specifically recommended. Otherwise you might be causing yourself more breakouts than you should have. I have been there washing my face with acne cleanser then putting a spot treatment.

If you use too many acne treatments at the same time you are drying out your skin which might become irritated and with this trigger more acne. The way you fix this is to stick to one acne treatment at a time and use a gentle not medicated versions for the rest of your skincare products. For example a hydrating facial cleanser a fragrance-free moisturizer or rose water toner.

If I get a cystic acne what I use is a spot treatment to just get rid of it stick to one and that’s it washing this off avoiding moisturizer is one of the biggest skincare mistakes that I ever made in the past which can actually trigger acne and clog your pores even more acne and oily skin needs moisture. Just because your skin is oily doesn’t mean it is hydrated and when your skin dries out it produces more oil than normal which can lead to more breakouts clock pores so you need this.

A simple way to fix this is to start with a water-based moisturizers they are lightweight so it feels comfortable on the skin and a lot of the times this type of moisturizers are the most suitable for acne prone skin.

Lack of sunscreen

My next skincare mistake is not wearing sunscreen when you have acne. Wearing sunscreen is the easiest way to minimize acne scars and dark spots left from acne, it not only protects your skin from UV damage which can cause hyper pigmentation it also protects from Blue Light which is caused by Electronics like your phone and computers and yes this light can also worsen your dark spots or even cause them as well so yeah our precious phones are so bad so we need skin protection all day long.

So here’s some of the rules when it comes to using sunscreen whether you are inside or outside of your house you need to wear sunscreen daily if you plan to be outside. Apply sunscreen 50 minutes before so that it is properly absorbed into your skin which activates it. Try also reapply every two hours in my opinion any sunscreen works but for acne prone skin oil-free sunscreens are well recommended.

Collagen can help with skin texture and firmness so the way I take collagen is in the morning I add two scoops to my coffee drink it which doesn’t taste like anything and that’s it and from now on I get Omega-3s in my diet from eating flat seeds, yes just like that or from salmon and this seems to be working for my skin much better.

Using physical exfoliators

You know that exfoliation is key for having clear skin, so with that in mind my next skincare mistake is using physical exfoliators on acne skin.

There’s no doubt about it that exfoliation is good for getting rid of dead skin for smoothing out texture treating acne scars so it has so many benefits for acne skin. However when you use the wrong exfoliation the friction involved when you use facial scrubs with rough or grainy consistencies for example can irritate your already inflamed skin causing redness, more inflammation on the cystic acne or even worse in your breakouts.

I’ve been there again it is so painful when that happens and nobody told me that it was bad so the best solution here is replacing physical exfoliation with chemical exfoliation. I started with lactic acid which is the best for sensitive skin and most of the time is very mild and once I got used to it I introduced stronger. Remember when you use chemical exfoliators you need to apply them at night. Don’t overuse them and always wear sunscreen those are the rules.

Not enough sleep time

In order to reduce inflammation in your body most of the time all you need is to sleep eight hours a day. Lack of sleep is a skincare mistake that it will ruin your skin. We hear it all the time but do we really listen? Our bodies need sleep to recover and regenerate and when you have poor sleep all you cause is cortisol levels to rise which can put you at risk of more acne or even trigger acne because you’re causing more inflammation in your body and on top of that a stressful day.

So if you don’t have money for skin care something you can do for free is making your sleep a priority so definitely rest well every day.

Using products that you don’t need

Other massive skincare mistake that I used to do is applying so many products without knowing what you’re doing with that probably a lot of the time I was over using some of these products that I was not supposed to overuse especially when you have acne you don’t want to irritate your skin so that is why if you guys feel like overwhelmed with skincare.










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